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Spanish language course with video and podcast lessons

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Learn Spanish Online with Virtual Teachers using Videos and Podcasts!

Exercise list for the beginners course

Interactive exercises for lessons:
01 Introductions
03 AR verbs singular persons
04 AR verbs plural persons
05 ER verbs singlular persons
06 ER verbs plural persons
07 IR verbs singular persons
08 IR verbs plural persons
09 Articles
10 1st person irregulars
11 Stem changers e-ie
12 Stem changers o-ue
13 Stem changers e-i
14 Ser & Ir
15 Reflexive verbs
16 Ser & Estar
17 Time
18 Gustar
19 Adjectives
20 Questions
21 Negatives
22 Verbs with infinitives
23 Possessives
24 Comparatives
25 Adverbs
26 Object pronouns1
27 Object pronouns2
28 Object pronouns3
29 Object pronouns4
30 Preterit ar singular
31 Preterit ar plural
32 Preterit er - ir
33 Preterit-hacer
34 Preterit-poder
35 Preterit-ir
36 Imperfect tense
37 Imperfect-irregulars
38 Imperfect-usage
39 Saber
40 Preguntar
41 Perfect tense
42 Perfect-irregulars
43 Future tense
44 Future-irregulars

Spanish speakers video list
video clips of Spanish people talking, describing, asking the viewer for responses etc. Page includes transcript in English, Spanish or none depending on viewers choice.
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SLS Podcasts
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Full exercise list
Grammar terms
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SLS Spanish Club
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Beginners lesson list
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Intermediate/Advanced lesson list
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Exercises for the intermediate to advanced course are on each video lesson page

MATTHEW'S CLASSROOM (members only)

Don't forget to check out Matthew's classroom where he sets additional fun quizzes and exercises for you to do based on his video lessons. Practice makes perfect as you know. A link to his classroom is also in the members area.

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